Wondering how to stand out against the competition?

Hint: It has nothing to do with marketing! Your business's future success lies in your BRAND and how it's strategically positioned in the marketplace. This 14-page workbook guides you step-by-step to craft your unique positioning statement, so you attract tribal fans, become more profitable, and leave a positive impact on people and the planet.

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    Identify your customers

    Understand what your target audience wants and cater to their exact needs. It's essential to get laser specific on who your ideal customer is by detailing their behaviors and lifestyle.

    Identify your competitors

    Understand how each of your competitors are positioning their brand so you can do the opposite. When building a brand or rebranding your business, the main goal is to differentiate from the competition.

    Identify your secret sauce

    Understand what your company's uniqueness factor is and brand capabilities are. Finding your secret sauce is the key to creating an impactful and highly profitable brand.